Who we are

Science transforms lives.

It begins with curiosity.

We The Curious is an idea and a place for everyone.

We're all about asking questions, getting creative and testing things out.

Science is collaborative, living and a vital part of culture.

What if?



...are found at the start of many adventures.

Our venue on Bristol’s harbourside is a bit like an indoor festival, with all sorts of different experiences, where you can interact with exhibits and take part in experiments.

It’s where boundaries are removed between science, art, people and ideas

Our venue is less SHHH and more playful - DO touch the exhibits, do use your phone, DO laugh out loud, bring your kids, friends, grandparents or come and escape on your own.

Curiosity is the engine that drives both artistic and scientific enquiry. It’s something we are all born with.

It is the seed for beautiful questions that lead to deep learning and new discoveries.

So we need to empower everyone to keep asking questions, and have a voice in shaping our collective futures.

person asking a question 1

What will humans look like when they evolve?

person asking a question 2

How is it possible to love someone that's made of 70% water?

person asking a question 3

If energy can’t be created or destroyed how did it come to be?

For 17 years we’ve been ‘making science accessible to all’ as At-Bristol.

As an educational charity we need to evolve with the world around us - as the digital landscape changes access to science, and as you ask us to be more challenging, and for everyone.


So we have a new vision, to build a culture of curiosity.

And you're part of it.

We is you and me and everybody.

Be curious, look up, peer closer, pause, connect with new people, and ask questions.