Spin the Spaceship

Zoom through space and explore the Solar System as we help Blurgle Wurgle the friendly alien find a new home. Where shall we go? Let’s spin the spaceship and find out!

How Much

Tickets £4 | Members £2 | Free for children under 2 (General admission ticket required)



Who for

Recommended ages 2-6

Join us for our newest under 5s Planetarium show. 

In this show you will get to interact with Blurgle Wurgle - our new bespoke puppet as they look for a new home in the solar system.

With seven places to choose from, no two shows will be the same. Together we'll spin the spaceship and travel through the solar system to 3 different destinations to see if any of them have the right conditions for Blurgle Wurlge to live there! 

There'll be actions in each location and lots of dancing to help spin the spaceship, as we learn about our solar system and have fun along the way.


Image credit: Claire Westwood @seasideceo_

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