What if we put people at the heart of science?

What if people were at the heart of science?


Science and technology could have the answer to many of the world's problems, and help make a better world.

We know that science centres and museums are part of a larger system that has historically excluded certain groups of people due to bias in society, and academia.

This needs to change, we recognise that diversity of experience, dialogue and debate should be at the heart of what we do. Together we can challenge injustices.

Our public and education programmes, accessible practices and facilities, and partnerships all play an essential role in creating spaces and experiences that are open for everyone


Working to create a more inclusive organisation  

We have a responsibility to create an environment that welcomes everyone and reflects the diversity of the city.

We’re committed to promoting equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

To achieve this, we’ll develop knowledge and skills that improve societal outcomes. We’re actively working to diversify our staff, programming, and experiences.


Our partners 

Working with partners, key community groups and critical friends in Bristol and beyond is an integral part of our strategy, with their valuable insight and feedback helping to shape our plans and activities together.

Our partners currently include: Creative Youth NetworkRoom 13 Studio HarecliveSouth Bristol Children’s CentresWECIL, Know Your Rights (WECIL), Listening Partnership (WECIL)



Supported visits 


When we're open, we have a number of different ways of supporting visits to us, including:

  • Community Membership - a Membership scheme that's especially for charities and groups working in and for the community. See our Membership page for more information. 
  • Refugee and Asylum Seekers - can visit We The Curious for free including any befrienders and mentors.
  • A range of ticket prices and models 

Get in touch 

If you’d like to collaborate with us, drop our Inclusion Team a line on information@wethecurious.org or call 0117 915 1000