Impossible, Possible

How do you feel when you’re faced with a seemingly impossible problem? 

Our reopening season of activities celebrates finding your own way through a problem, working together, and enjoying our mistakes along the way!


You'll find our programming spaces alive with workshops and experiments all themed around tackling seemingly impossible questions.


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Activities you'll find running in our spaces this summer:

  • Can you make milk without a cow? Join us in the kitchen as we have a go at making oat milk from scratch and asking the question, what is milk anyway?​

  • What if plants could survive without water or soil? Impossible, right? Maybe not. Head to the Greenhouse to explore what plants need to survive and find out how some plants do the impossible. 

  • Is there a way to prevent diseases just by looking at our shopping habits? Our Open City Lab has transformed into the 'mikro market' where you can come and shop around and discuss whether you would share your shopping trolley secrets.  

  • Hidden Health returns to The Box for reopening. Come and play with the arcade machine, cuddle a giant soft sculpture and get involved in health research.

  • Can you work in a team to make an elaborate chain reaction machine?  Join us in the Studio and get creative with dominoes, balls and other contraptions to make part of a bigger machine. 

All these activities are drop-in. Just check times on arrival. 

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